Is Xenical as effective as Phentermine in treating Obesity?

xenical-or-phenterminePeople normally buy Xenical as this pharmacological agent work effectively to reduce body weight in people with obesity or overweight. There is a huge debate in terms of greater effectiveness between Xenical and Phentermine in recent time and is doing the rounds in the news of recently. Both Xenical and phentermine work in their own process in the human body to regulate the individual’s body weight by altering their appetite levels or the amount of calories being absorbed. Whilst taking either Xenical or phentermine, people need to take care of diet and exercise regularly so as to obtain significant weight loss. If you do not know which is the ideal choice and looking for guidelines to consume the right one, this article will be helpful for you in determining the most potent among the duo.

Comparison of Xenical and phentermine in terms of their efficacy

Both the med’s purpose is to help losing weight in people and to enable them to maintain an ideal body weight. Xenical works by blocking the fats you consume, and thus keeping it from being absorbed by your body. On the other hand, phentermine acts as an appetite suppressant and works by affecting the central nervous system. Phentermine is a stimulant having the brand name Adipex and is similar to an amphetamine. Xenical assists in weight loss and helps one to regulate their weight by not regaining the weight that is lost. Xenical is to be used only in adults and upon doctor’s recommendation; it works better if used along with a doctor prescribed low-calorie diet and exercise regimen. Phentermine is being used together with proper diet and strict exercise program to treat obesity, overweight in people who have risk factors like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Both of the fat-suppressant pills have their own individual advantages and works in a similar manner. Xenical and phentermine are equally effective in fighting fat in the body except for the fact that each of the pills will be having active and inactive ingredients and binding agents.

Which one is more effective- Xenical or Phentermine?

Depending upon your body condition, obesity level, and age, the medicines work accordingly. For one, Xenical works better while for others, Phentermine works wonderfully. You can take these appetite-suppressant pills by visiting a doctor and choosing the right one for you based on your body condition. The inactive constituents in the drugs would be suitable for some while can cause allergic reactions for others. So, the efficacy of these two medicines also depends on upon one’s ability to tolerate. If you would like to choose, one among the two highly powerful substances, you could better seek medical guidance as taking Xenical and Phentermine during cosmetic surgery can affect the treatment. Though the drugs are also available as over the counter meds, it is still not safe to consume them without a valid doctor’s prescription as the formulation of the drug will be best known only by the doctor.

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