Risks Of Not Taking Phentermine As Per The Directions Of Your Physician

We mostly know certain things about a particular drug and what it can do, because, our physician might have told us or we might have searched about it on the internet. We are humans, who tend to be obvious at forgetting to take medication on time or as per prescribed by our physician, because of other works, tensions or for some simple reasons. But, have we ever asked ourselves what can happen to us, if we do not take the medicine as per the advice of our doctor? The answer to the question is “yes” to very few people and “no” to the most of the people.

This blog is about the weight-loss pill called Phentermine (Adipex), which is a stimulant drug (affects central nervous system) which is used to treat obesity, and what can happen to you, if the drug is not taken as per the advice of your doctor, and what are the directions to take Phentermine safely.

What may happen if you don’t follow your doctor’s instructions while taking Phentermine?

  1. In case, if you miss your dose, then take your dose as soon as you remember, because, if you don’t, then it will lower the concentration of drug in your blood flow, resulting in no or lesser effect of drug.
  2. If you accidently consume alcohol while being on Phentermine, it will increase the side effects such as tremor, restlessness and anxiety. It may also increase heart rate, decrease or increase of blood pressure.
  3. If you take Phentermine late in evening, it may cause you insomnia.
  4. If you take Phentermine even when have history of heart diseases, it may cause palpitations, elevation of blood pressure and tachycardia (increased heart beats).
  5. Use of adipex should be avoided during pregnancy because; it will affect the growth of the baby.
  6. Remember, this drug is for short term use. If you use phentermine for long-term, you might form dependency over it, which may convert into addiction.
  7. If you overdose adipex, it may cause restlessness, tremor, hyperreflexia, rapid respiration, confusion, hallucinations, and panic state.
  8. Avoid taking adipex along with MAO inhibitors because, it may cause severely dangerous side effects which may convert into another disease condition.
  9. If you know that you are allergic to Phentermine and then also, if you take this drug to reduce weight, it may develop hypersensitive reaction. It may cause complications.
  10. It is advised to check with your doctor before taking Phentermine after cosmetic surgery as it may affect the recently made changes on the body.

If the above mentioned points occur to you due to the lack of your memory or your negligence, you are advised to contact your physician immediately, and from next time, strictly follow his directions no matter what.
Also, if you are ordering Phentermine online, please make sure that you purchase it from a reputed website and do follow the instructions given on the site while taking the drug.

Follow these directions while taking Phentermine

  • Take the last dose on time to avoid sleep related problems.
  • Take phentermine medication as per the dose given to you as per your doctor.
  • Most and foremost important direction is that, since Phentermine is a habit forming drug, try to avoid the misuse of it.

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