How To Counter Phentermine Side Effects?

women with phentermine side effectsThere would be many people who have lost many pounds with the help of Phentermine. You would have seen many advertisements showing you pictures of individuals before and after taking Phentermine. They would look beautiful as well as fit. These would tempt you to take this medication to lose some pounds from your body. This is also a good factor as you wish to be healthy by getting inspiration from the people in the photos. There are certain factors that you should bear in mind about phentermine before commencing your treatment. Though it can help you to reduce your weight, it can also cause you certain negative effects in the body.

Best solution for dry mouth while taking Phentermine

Dry mouth is a very popular effect that you would experience whilst taking phentermine. This is a condition in which you would experience thirsty excessively and also may lead to sores in the mouth as well as ulcers. There is the best solution for this effect which is that you have to drink lots of water and eat fruits that have high water content in it. This includes watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, and grapefruit. This will definitely help you to maintain the water content in the body. Phen drink or can also be taken by mixing it along with the water. This would not only sort out dry mouth issue but also helps phentermine to do its task at a faster rate.

Measures to deal with insomnia while taking Phentermine

The next side effect of phentermine insomnia. You would be aware of this condition and this is a condition in which you would have sleeping troubles. Sleep is important to have a peaceful mind especially during this course duration or else it would lead to ill effects. You can take certain measures to get good sleep at the night. You can take a bath with warm water which would provoke sleep in you. Taking warm milk before going to bed would also make you get into sleep mode very fast. Avoid the intake of alcohol or caffeine few hours before going to the bed. You can make your environment comfortable with the mild music. Usage of mobiles and watching television would definitely prevent your ability to sleep so avoid it before sleeping.

Experiencing dizziness while Taking Phentermine? Here is the solution

If you experience dizziness while consuming phentermine, it means that your intake of the meal is not sufficient for your body. Make sure you take a healthy meal with all nutrition in it. Take at least 1200 calories per day and do not take food quantity below that. You can take iron rich foods like egg, meat, and cereals. Since iron is absorbed to a greater extent in the body when combined with vitamin C foods take broccoli, kiwi, and red peppers.

Handle nausea and constipation caused when using Phentermine

Nausea and constipation are also an ill effect that may occur during the treatment of phentermine. Nausea would have happened if you don’t eat properly the whole day. Drinking ginger tea would help you to overcome from that. In the case of constipation, take high fiber foods along with lots of water. By following all these tips one can take the phentermine weight-loss program with much lesser side effects.