Why only the generic version of Meridia is available in the market?

Generic MeridiaIn today’s world, obesity is a common problem and it is increasing day by day with the increase in consumption of fast food among people. Meridia is actually a diet pill which helps a person to wage a war against obesity. Meridia is mainly composed of Sibutramine. Meridia acts as an oral anorexiant and it reduces the feeling of hunger as well as it provides a sense of fullness to an individual. Sibutramine helps its user to reduce the intake of food than the usual amount. A proper dosage of meridia when balanced with a low-calorie diet and intense workout results in a faster weight loss. This dietary medicine keeps the lost weight off and prevents a person from gaining extra weight. The effect of meridia varies from person to person and one may witness the higher effectiveness of the pill than another individual. But, in the market of the United States and Canada, Meridia is history now. FDA cited the brand formulation of Sibutramine to be too dangerous to be sold, after 13 years of its approval, and in 2010, requested the manufacturers to withdraw the product from the market. Meridia used to pose a number of threats to health, including problems like cardiovascular attacks, kidney problems etc. It was labelled as schedule IV drug by the FDA.

How the brand version of Meridia got taken off from the market?

Any weight loss medication is meant for only the individuals with acute obesity disorders. High obesity may result in higher blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and also increases the risk of cardiovascular attacks. That is why FDA approved Meridia to be consumed by people above BMI index of 30kg/sq. metre. But, in the studies, it was found that this dietary pill enhances the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It was also found that the medication was unable to aid the weight loss program in the obese people; instead, the drug was a threat to their health. This is why FDA ordered the manufacturing companies to pull out the drug from the market. This is the main reason, why we can not avail the brand formulation of Sibutramine (meridia) in the market anymore, and only the generic version of this dietary pill is available in the market.

How can I avail the generic version of Meridia?

Since the banning of Meridia from the market in 2010, the generic version of the meridia has gained popularity in the market. Lots of people with acute obesity problems are looking for the generic version of Sibutramine and using it to get into shape by losing some pounds. You can buy the generic drug from the local medical store, but the best option for buying it is, to buy it online from the online pharmacies. The rates are cheaper and the quality assurance is there if you buy it online. One can just order from an online pharmacy and get meridia delivered to the doorsteps without any extra charge and trouble.

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