Adipex – An Effective Appetite Suppressant

adipexAdipex is a brand formulation of Phentermine hydrochloride. It is considered to be an anorectic agent recommended for oral administration for treating obesity. Adipex 37.5mg is the frequently used dosage strength of the medication. The pill is available in capsules as well as tablets. Though the primary ingredient remains the same in both these forms, the inactive ingredient varies to a predominant extent. The medication is indicated for short term management of obesity and other overweight conditions. Though suppressing the appetite level is considered to be one of its principle action in containing obesity, scientific community perceives other actions like metabolic effects and impacting the central nervous system as the other functioning mechanism of the pill. Adults consuming the pill for obesity can benefit a lot out of this medication. The amount of weight loss is rapid in the initial course of therapy than at any other stage.



Individuals who were dependent on MAO inhibitor during the past two weeks or so should abstain from taking Adipex, as it can result in severe drug interaction. Those with history of heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, glaucoma, thyroid, high blood pressure level should not take adipex at any cost. Likewise people who are in an agitated state, or down with a history of drug abuse and allergic to amphetamines and other stimulant kind of medications should never consume Adipex. Consuming Adipex along with other diet pills like fenfluramine results in lung disorder condition identified as pulmonary hypertension. Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers should restrain from taking this weight loss pill. Since the medication can delay the onset of sleep, never opt to consume the pill beyond six in the evening time.

How to consume Adipex?

The medication should not be consumed in excess dosage strength. Upon consumption, if you feel increased hunger feelings, it implies that the medication is not effective in your body. See it that the use of medication doesn’t exceed weeks. Never consume other diet pills whilst under the course of therapy with Adipex, as the drug can interact with other medicines and trigger unwanted medical complications. Ensure that the medication is not exposed to moisture and heat. Since, Adipex can be abused easily caution has to be exercised so as to keep the drug away from the hands of children.

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